Restorative Massages & Wellness
Advanced Sports Massage Techniques & Bodywork + Deep Tissue Massage + Swedish Massage + Hot Stone Massage


Client Testimonials


"Isaac is very warm, approachable and professional! He has controlled gliding, smoothing transitions and great combinations of techniques producing effective release of tension. He is an AMAZING Massage Therapist! Thank you Isaac!"

"Isaac exceeded my goals. He truly is the best therapist! I thanked him so much for his help! He is able to combine multiple techniques very effectively and he genuinely likes to help his clients!"

"My upper back is much imporved. Isaac's works is constantly effective and excellent. He continues to add amazing techniques to his treatment with every additional session we have."

"Isaac is effective as well as comfortable with very good use of his techniques."

"In conclusion of my fifth time working with Isaac I can say that he listens very well, has confidence and truly wants to help. He is extremely attentive and focused and overall exceeded my expectations. He provides effective yet comfortable treatments and is focused in his work. His interactions with his clients are professional and caring. Thank you Isaac!"

M.P--Therapist Instructor

"Isaac did a great job! I really like the way that he approaches and slows down when he needs to. His transition flows were also very good. I liked how he works well when applying lotion and didn't have to take his hands off of me. Thanks again Isaac!"


"On point, awesome touch. He was great! Excellent job Isaac!"

"My 2nd session with Mr. Masse left me very impressed on how in tune he was with my ailments!"